Russell Nelson nelson at
Sun Sep 30 04:20:16 UTC 2001

Karsten M. Self writes:
 > I'll be happy to share my own methods of organizing, reading, and
 > reviewing mail.

If your tools are so good, why haven't you said a word about the three
licenses supposedly under current discussion?  To remind you, and
everyone else:

 > is characterized by two conflicting desires:
 >   - Maintain a record of all discussion (or other relevant data).
 >   - Summarize, filter, and associate the most relevant data.

Nahhhh.  I just want to keep a record of the discussion about every
license in one place.  That way, when we board members go to review a
license we can see everything you've said about a license.  And we
want the same thing for you, so that you can go look at the list of
licenses and see what other people have said.  And if nothing has been 
said, then perhaps you want to say something.

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