Rick Moen rick at
Sat Sep 29 01:56:45 UTC 2001

begin Steve Mallett quotation:

> Thank you everyone who made comments regarding the test-forums.
> That test-site is now down pending decisions to use forums.
I feel like a real heel saying this to someone who's obviously putting a
lot of good and generous work into this.  But...

...Web-based discussion forums don't work for serious discussion.  And I
suspect you'll find that practically all technical users presently
involved with OSI will say "No thanks."

I hope we've spoken enough in other contexts that you won't take
offence, Steve.  None is intended.

Now, a local newsserver using leafnode 2.0beta would be very useful.
Perhaps some here will recall Nick Petreley's late lamented machine (which ran using INN, which is overkill).

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