Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Wed Sep 26 21:33:46 UTC 2001

> This is the problem Russel Nelson and I are investigating in our
> discussion of section 2 of the OSD.

Right.  I didn't see you discuss that the wording for appplying
the mark needs to be on the other web page, not just in OSD #2.
(And maybe if the change was there, you would not even have to
change OSD #2.)  In any case, if OSD #2 gets reworded by your
efforts, please see that the certification mark page is updated
On a related point, in looking at the website (which
I prefer over the initial version, if anyone remembers
it), I am wondering about the emphasis and target audience. has always been laid out as a website for
producers. (I think it sort of invites you to write your own
license, based on the ordering and wording of links.)  But
isn't the purpose of a mark to inform consumers, not producers?

Perhaps the certification mark page (or something
like it) should be the home page.  The link to the points of the OSD
should be from within the context of the certification mark
page only, (where it describes licenses which qualify.)  I'm sure
you would want to preserve some of the cheerleading text from
the home page, placing it into the certification mark page.  And
you would want to split the certification mark page, which is
far too long as it is.

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