Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Wed Sep 26 19:00:07 UTC 2001

One of the reasons I think the recent discussion is important,
(and not the wide-open opportunity for trolling it appears to
be) is that the OSI web page says this:

(From  ...)


   "You may use the OSI Certified mark on any software that is distributed
    under an OSI-approved license."

I think there is a consensus forming that the requirements for
self-certification must be amended to require OSD #2 explicitly.

Otherwise, someone can self-certify a binary-only distribution
under MIT, for example, keeping the source private, and still
meet the listed requirements to self-certify and use the OSI mark.

Ridiculous? yes.  But that is indeed what the page says.  Can the
page be changed?

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