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Greg London greglondon at oaktech.com
Mon Sep 24 22:34:01 UTC 2001

>This leads to a GPL-related issue 
>which is not clear to me: can
>redistribution of GPL code be 
>constrained by an employment agreement?
>That is, if company employees 
>make changes to GPL code, can the
>company forbid all employees from 
>distributing those changes?  I
>suspect that it can, as employment 
>agreements are permitted to
>constrain many varieties of free 
>speech, at least in the U.S.

the GPL and NDA's are orthogonal.
or, at the very least, they are
non-conflicting restrictions. 

The GPL says
'whoever gets a binary must get the source."
it does not restrict *who* can recieve
a distribution.  It does restrict 
any redistribution of modified code
must be GPL as well, but that is orthogonal
to a NDA restriction.

A NDA says who can recieve a company's
source code. i.e. who can recieve a 
distrubution or corporate owned software.
namely you cannot distribute comany software
outside the company (unless you're in Sales,
and you're selling it)

The OSD prohibits discrimination against 
people and groups.

A NDA is exactly discrimination against 
anyone who is not an employee.


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