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Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at
Sat Sep 22 15:38:21 UTC 2001

| begin Steve Lhomme quotation:
| > And so they're currently stuck with the ones already approved. Not
| > letting a better chance to newer (and so probably better, because of
| > years of experience of the problems that already happened).
| I'm curious as to what specific features you see as improvements, in any
| of the submitted-but-not-yet-approved licences.  Frankly, I've not
| noticed anything innovative and useful.

First, I don't know what are the pending-to-be-certified licenses. But if
someone creates a new license, it's because there is something missing or
something to remove from the existing ones. So I see that as an evolution.
An evolution to give more choice, and maybe add a new idea noone ever
thought about. Isn't that what open-source is about ? Base your work on the
existing one to go "further" ?

The OSI approval has become a de-facto standard for open-source licenses.
But if it's closed to anything new (not approving anything anymore), that's
not going to be good for the whole community. That's what I find is a real

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