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Sat Sep 15 15:43:52 UTC 2001

Ravicher, Daniel B. wrote:
> Not to be sarcastic, but good luck trying to delineate commercial from non.
-- There's a relatively easy way around that one: the usual commercial 
   distributors guard their source code as their own holy grail.
   So the Open Source License would be applicable to anyone wishing to
   use his software for code that is either not distributed at all,
   or that is distributed under an OSI-approved license. Anyone else
   will have to acquire a closed license to legally use his software.

   The distinction as to how the 'derived' software is distributed
   is much easier to make than the distinction between commercial and

   I'm not a lawyer, certainly not with regard to american peculiarities
   of law, but this is the approach I chose on my Open Source License.
   It has not yet been offered for review, as I feel it takes some
   more thinking and tinkering to mature. Plus I feel *very* hesitant
   to add yet another license to the list of licenses pending for 

   Since the matter is under discussion anyway, feel free to take
   a look at
   All comments are welcome.

Regards, Abe.
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