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Thu Sep 6 15:59:22 UTC 2001

>sambc at writes:
> > A small group of people who make a commitment to 
> > the job would, over a short period, focus upon one 
> > license and provide a report summarising there 
> > views and those expressed on license-discuss. 
>Nothing is stopping anyone from doing this now, and reporting their
>results to the license-discuss mailing list.

Well I am hoping to do this with a small group of 
people shortly. What I ask is the consideration of 
the possibility that this be rolled into OSI 
procedure *if* it seems useful as we try it. If we 
do this work, and the Board still have to spend 
just as long deciding results at meeting, then it 
benefits no one. Certainly the main reason I, and 
I expect some others, are prepared to work for 
this and would like to see it happen is that we 
would like to see an improvement in the throuput 
of the approval process, and a clearing of the 
backlog, and some of us are prepared to work to 
acheive this.

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