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Russell Nelson nelson at
Thu Sep 6 14:46:17 UTC 2001

sambc at writes:
 > I would like to pick up on a couple of points to 
 > this list, and to the OSI:
 > "Board member Russ Nelson says that people who 
 > are complaining should put forth more effort to 
 > help the board by fulfilling the purpose of the 
 > license-discuss list: to discuss the merits of 
 > submissions and offer suggestions to the 
 > board. "I submitted three licenses on 8/31 for 
 > review to the license-discuss mailing list. Has 
 > anybody reviewed them?" "
 > I never saw them - wether this is a fault at my 
 > end or yours remains to be seen. However, as it 
 > seems that others have looked in the archive and 
 > not found such emails I am puzzled.

Sorry, it was only two licenses:

 > "Members briefly bandied about a suggestion to 
 > form volunteer focus groups for each pending 
 > license; but there was no official public 
 > response from the OSI to the license-discuss 
 > list, and it seemed that was what the list was 
 > waiting for."

I see no need for volunteer focus groups.  Comment on the licenses
that have been sent to the list.  Use the mailing list for what it was
created for.

 > Now I am happy to do work implementing this and 
 > working with it once it is implemented. Can we 
 > have a reply from the board as to this 
 > possibility?


"So okay, my feeling is to write these folks off 
as whingers. My opinion is subject to change, but 
first I want to see some discussion about the 
submitted licenses." - Russ Nelson

Since I wrote that, I've been seeing some commentary; in particular
about the RTSP Proxy License.  Good job!

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