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Thu Sep 6 14:08:00 UTC 2001

>Yes i also think there is a misunderstanding of the term focus groups.

Indeed, there does seem to have been this 

>The group would not make a decision it would present a report.

I'm sure I actually already said this, and I hope 
saying it again helps :o)

>Maybe we can do a test drive, and try to organize a report, to get a fell 
>for it.
>SamBC, Chris, and I have expressed our availability to participate, in a 
>Focus Group.
>I think we should try to organize a Report Template, if you are interested 
>in doing,
>such a test drive, send me a email, it is just a pity that we still don't 
>have, a official
>response to SamBC proposal.

Regardless of an official response, I think this 
would be a good idea. The three of us, and perhaps 
one or two more people if they would be interested 
in carrying on if the OSI board accept the 
suggestion (no more as the group should not be too 
big), should do two things if we are to take this 
dry run. We can get together and do them by a 
combination of email and IRC (IRC only if times 
suit, of course)

1) Arrange a report template. What statutory 
sections there should be, and what they should 

2) Do a dry-run report for one or two licenses. It 
may be worth doing a sample report on a license 
which has already been approved, as well as one 
which is pending. For pending, W3C might seem a 
good candidate, or this new RealMedia license.

>And i see Chris you have been spending some time around marketers:-).

Are they better or worse than lawyers ;o)

Feel free to call me Sam without the BC btw - I 
just contract my full name online for use in IRC 

Sam Barnett-Cormack
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