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>Steve Mallett wrote:
> > No one is going to like this, but...... its my experience that the more
> > people put in a position of having to make a decision the more likely a 
> poor
> > decision is made.  And talk about slowing things down!  Good grief!
>The idea of focus groups is useful iff the board has sufficient confidence in
>the work of the group that a license recommended / deprecated by the group
>can be accepted / rejected more quickly than would otherwise be the case.
>If as Russ says the board is absolutely determined never ever to make any
>mistakes again, then the required threshold of confidence will indeed be
>rather high ...
>If I understand the term `focus group' correctly, a `focus group' is not
>to make a decision.  In the marketing world where the term originated, one 
>things in front of a `focus group' and watches how they react.  In the context
>OSI, I would expect a focus group to study a license, discuss it, take up 
>of contention with the authors, and submit a report on the debate to the OSI
>board.  In fact a real `focus group' wouldn't even need to take the last step,
>the board would be monitoring the mailing list using a hidden camera. ;>

Yes i also think there is a misunderstanding of the term focus groups.
The group would not make a decision it would present a report.
Maybe we can do a test drive, and try to organize a report, to get a fell 
for it.
SamBC, Chris, and I have expressed our availability to participate, in a 
Focus Group.
I think we should try to organize a Report Template, if you are interested 
in doing,
such a test drive, send me a email, it is just a pity that we still don't 
have, a official
response to SamBC proposal.

And i see Chris you have been spending some time around marketers:-).

>Chris Gray
>VM Architect, ACUNIA
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