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Thu Sep 6 11:43:04 UTC 2001

>> > 2) A set of smaller focus groups, handling one
>> > license at a time, and reviewing license-discuss
>> > feedback. Possibly with seperate mailing lists,
>> > and only 3-5 members. focus1 thru
>> > focus3 at, for example. This would
>> > also allow the board and focus groups to suggest
>> > a small number of licenses for license-discuss to
>> > look at at one time.
>I'm going to regret this, but: in principle I'd be willing to
>serve on such a group.

As there are few such willing people, I would ask that the OSI board respond to this suggestion. Of course, it presumably will have to wait until a board meeting, but I ask that you put it on your agenda.

Also, an informal reply from any OSI board members would be nice.

Sam Barnett-Cormack

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