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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Sep 5 21:46:16 UTC 2001

begin Rodent of Unusual Size quotation:

> Well, then, I guess you fail to see it.

We concur, for suitable values of "it".

> That does not make the statement correct, however.  

Also true:  Its accuracy may be assessed independently.  (I can
recommend some good books on formal logic, should you be in need.)

> The fact that I disagree with the correctness as posted makes your
> first sentence a no-op.

If one were to grant the postulate that I attribute to featherless
bipeds, generally, the ability to grasp the self-evident, that would
likewise be true.

> Perhaps you should contemplate my remarks and position on their own
> merits rather than trying to tell me I should not have them because I
> misunderstood something. 

Merits are where you find 'em.

> It is only *your* opinion that I have misunderstood; I think I have
> understood perfectly.

I am much cheered.  Would you perhaps like me to ship you a lollipop?

> Sorry, Rick, but so far it appears to me that you are trying to
> handwave away my objections to Russ' remark and the apparent
> attitude behind it.

Irony remains one's second-best entertainment value.

> And for what it is worth, Russ himself agreed with my position
> in a private email. 

I agree with Russ's statement, you disagree with it, and -- to complete 
a misshapen circle -- you claim he agrees with you.   What's the
expression?  Do the math.

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