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Rodent of Unusual Size Ken.Coar at Golux.Com
Wed Sep 5 19:04:44 UTC 2001

Rick Moen wrote:
> To be really explicit, then:  You indulged the time-honoured
> pastime of setting up a caricature of your interlocutor's
> position and then knocking it down.

If I did, I assure you it was unintentional. :-)  If anything,
I think you may have been guilty of this before I, since it was
you who changed the text tomake it appear that I was against
proliferating licences. :-)  I am not against that at all -- what
I am against, and apparently failed to make clear, was the
attitude in the original post that supports 'making it harder to
create a new licence is beneficial.'  Or, to quote Russ exactly,
"This has the beneficial effect of making it harder to create Yet
Another open source license."

I agree with keeping the number of essentially identical licences
to a minimum.  I do *not* agree with accomplishing that by
discouraging people from trying.

Is that any more clear? :-)
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