Proposed DanielMD License for Review.

Daniel MD IM-Thinking at
Sun Sep 2 16:25:02 UTC 2001

My intentions with the DanielMD sketch license proposal, was to solve one 
of the open source model problems, as Shane Robinson of Compaq CTO puts it 
"...a one-stop point of contact.", my intention was only to create "...a 
one-stop point of contact".

If you would like to read the article it's at 
( It points out some of 
the problems that the big company are having dealing with the open source 
model, its no big news, but its a good article.

And it alerted me to the fact that in 4 to 5 years time, IBM, Oracle, and 
other major companies, might be directing the open source flow, in their 
own interest, the open source model has it is allows for that to happen, so 
the Big Boys have nothing to worry.

Maybe in the future we will see a Microsoft Linux distribution...

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