Intel's proposed BSD + Patent License

John Cowan cowan at
Wed Oct 31 04:03:31 UTC 2001

Russell Nelson scripsit:

> Let me analogize: Let's say that I'm pointing a gun at you.  Are you
> at any more disk if I let you know it's pointed at you?  What if I
> tell you the conditions under which I will pull the trigger?

If you bind yourself by contract NEVER to pull the trigger, I feel
reasonably safe -- not totally safe, of course, but reasonably.
That is what the CPL does.

>  > Criterion 8 (License Must Not Be Specific To A Product) is violated,
>  > in substance if not to the letter; this license is in effect specific
>  > to Linux.
> On the other hand, if they left that patent license off, we would
> certify it.

Sure.  But the patent license is restrictive, so you shouldn't certify.

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