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> > A very good sum up of the current (blurry) situation on licenses.
> > (especially for developpers getting lost)


> C'mon, how many programs are going to go outside the top 6-7 licenses
> anyway?  

About 5%, counting the top 6-7 as GPL, LGPL (collectively about 85%),
BSD, Artistic, MIT, and MozPL.  I'd posted numbers here in January,
Sourceforge and the Debian project are good general sources for
licensing information.  Note that there's compatibility between all of
these and the GPL, excepting the MozPL, though major projects under the
latter are now dual licensed under the GPL/LGPL.

> If more do then there will be more conversation on them & everyone's
> understanding goes up on the finer points of that license.
> Perhaps there should be an Open Source Top 5 chart?  8^)

How do you mean?  Most frequently used licenses?


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