Is inherited class a derivative work?

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Thu Oct 25 16:58:48 UTC 2001

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> Your posts indicate you've done some legal research.
> When you quote case history and legal terms, you appear
> quite reasoned.

OK, let's then stick to legal arguments :)

> note: moron here may not be "logical", but your above statement takes
> an accusation "You feel that copyright law should be abolished."
> and cloaks it in innocence by making it a question, proceeding it
> with the word "If". So it ticks me off a bit.
> specifically, you didn't say "if SOMEONE feels...". Instead,
> you specifically targeted me "If YOU feel...".

If YOU feel being "ticked off" by that statement (or any other), my apologies.
It was never my intent to "tick you off", or anyone else for that matter.


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