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Mon Oct 22 16:28:07 UTC 2001

On Sun, 21 Oct 2001 email at greglondon.com wrote:

> Yeah, but that kind of DVD stuff is enforced by the
> "anti-circumvention" crap of the WIPO treaty and the DMCA law, isn't

Here's my understanding, surely to be corrected...

The '"anti-circumvention" crap' allows the copyright holder to
effectively eliminate fair use, but I don't think your example does. 
Without the DMCA, Alice could provide tools that cricumvent the
restrictions on music placed by Bob's Music Conglomerate (can I just
call them BMG for short? ;).  Your example hinges upon 'linking' as
being the only way to access the music in the object file, but it
wouldn't be.
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