Is inherited class a derivative work?

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Mon Oct 22 05:02:03 UTC 2001

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> I'm afraid that you're mixing a copyrightable "work" with a
> nice "idea".
> The work, Alice's database,
> and the idea, all databases,
> does not prevent Bob from using Alices code, and writing code
> of his own
> which the compiler will USE to call Bob's method instead of Alice's.

I am not sure that I followed your example.

> I'm afraid you're confusing your work with someone using your work.
> Your blueprint of a house.
> my blueprint of a garage does not infringe on your blueprint
> of a house.
> But I might buy your blueprint, add another page with my blueprint,
> and resell the whole thing as an aggregation that can be used together
> to create a house with an attached garage.

You are contradicting yourself - if you are reselling it as an "aggregation",
how would it support the idea that inheritance is not a derivative work?


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