Is inherited class a derivative work?

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Mon Oct 22 01:09:29 UTC 2001

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> If I write a class which extends java.util.Dictionary, then
> whose implementation
> of java.util.Dictionary am I adapting:
>   - GNU Classpath's?
>   - Kaffe's?
>   - Sun's?
>   - our (ACUNIA's) own?
>   - a student in (say) Teheran whose JVM project I haven't
> even heard of yet?

I don't do Java, so maybe someone can help me here.

My understanding is that since java.util.Dictionary is an abstract class, then
any of the above listed implementations must first inherited from it, and then
override the abstract methods.

So if you extends the original java.util.Dictionary, you are creating just
another implementation of it, one that has nothing to do with the listed above
other implementations. However, if you extend any of the above classes, you are
creating a derivative work from it, and have to follow its respective license.

Can any of the Java gurus confirm it?


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