Is inherited class a derivative work?

Michael Beck mbeck1 at
Mon Oct 22 01:09:46 UTC 2001

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> > If I write a class which extends java.util.Dictionary, then whose
> > implementation
> > of java.util.Dictionary am I adapting:
> No-one's.
> Is the original work changed? No.
> Is the original work copied&pasted? No.
> Is the original work translated to produce the new work? No.
> Does the new work rely heavily on the original FOR ITS CONTENT? No.

If Chris extended directly the java.util.Dictionary, and has overriden the
abstract methods, then you are correct. However, if he extended any of the
listed "implementations" of java.util.Dictionary, then he has created a
"derivative work", because he has changed the "design blueprint" of the
particular implementation.


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