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Mon Oct 22 01:07:40 UTC 2001

On Sunday 21 October 2001 05:46 pm, email at greglondon.com wrote:

> but copyright law reserves no rights to the author regarding "use".
> but the only way to "use" software is to "derive" from it (link).
> so, now software authors can control "use" of their software.
> which wasn't the intent of copyright law.

Welcome to the double plus good world of GNUspeak :-)

> Bob's Music Conglomeration starts releasing music as
> an object file. The license says "you can only link this
> music/object file with software licensed by Bob".
> And Bob's player is a monolithic hulk of software that
> enforces a pay per play system, along with forced user
> registration, and reports back to Bob on user playing habits, etc.
> Alice makes a driver that play's Bob's music on Linux,
> and puts it on the web. Bob sicks his lawyers on Alice,

Wow, sounds just like DVDs! You can only play DVDs on authorized players. Any 
attempt to make your own DVD player will cause the Norwegian police to come 
arrest you.

David Johnson
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