fileset without makefiles Open Source?!

David Johnson david at
Fri Oct 19 02:34:09 UTC 2001

On Thursday 18 October 2001 11:10 am, Harald Albrecht wrote:
> Lately I had a discussion with someone who wants to provide source code
> for his project, but without makefile(s). He intends to call it "Open
> Source". He also intends that people can look at the implementation and
> tweak it if they like but have to write the makefiles themselves if they
> want to use his work.

The source code files that you release would be Open Source, provided that 
the user is permitted to modify, build and redistribute the result along with 
their own makefiles. But the program itself would not be Open Source. That's 
because the program doesn't include all of the source code, namely the 
makefiles. Yes, makefiles are source code too.

David Johnson
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