Is inherited class a derivative work?

Rob Myers robmyers at
Wed Oct 17 13:44:18 UTC 2001

on 17/10/01 2:34 pm, Angelo Schneider at angelo.schneider at wrote:

> In Germany dynamic linking is: "derived work".
> Its up to your lisence if you allow it.
> Inheritance is NOT, NOWHERE, NEVER a "derived work".
> However incorporating the derived class plus the base class into a piece
> of software makes that software a derived work, not the derived class.
> (Because the base class is included)

If dynamic or static linking create a derived work but subclassing per se
doesn't, I can't see many cases where being able to use a subclass wouldn't
create a derived work given your definition.

It sounds like inheritance is OK but use of inherited code isn't. A bit like
the UK's laws on owning cannabis seed. :-)

- Rob

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