Approval request, DSPL v1.1

Abe Kornelis abe at
Mon Oct 15 17:44:05 UTC 2001

Julian Hall wrote:
> Following comments I received on version 1.0 of the DSPL, I have
> prepared a revision for submission for approval.
> I look forward to receiving your comments!

Just a personal remark: I would feel very hesitant to contribute
software under this license, since it requires me to pay any
taxes on money gathered and spent by 'the Committee'.

In supplying free software to anyone, in any way, I'd expect
'free' to work both ways - paying committee's taxes does 
not count as such. If you see this differently, would you 
please care to explain?

As long as there is a risk that I'll have to pay more taxes
than I'll receive from Merit Shares, I'd rather keep my
modifications and/or additions to myself. Supplying software
for free means - to me - that I want to be free of obligations
for that software too. In the context of your license this
seems asking too much: may cost money, needs checking the 
Committee and its decisions, calling for a no-confidence
voting, etc.

Then there is the point of the Committee's decisions:
I have never yet seen such committees in free software
land, but such constructions are well known in other
areas of society. They all bear the risks inherent to
with limiting power to a few people. Our govenrnments
are scrutinized by the prress, for what it's worth.
I don't expect your Committee to receive as much attention.
How do you limit the risks of corruption? The no-confidence
road is not much use. Once the Committee has signed a
contract the money is gone. No new Committee can revert

Regards, Abe.
Abe F. Kornelis, B.V. Bixoft
Het Jaagpad 63, 3461 HA Linschoten
The Netherlands
phone: +31-6-22755401

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