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Sat Oct 6 22:36:52 UTC 2001

Sorry for the cross post.

After some *very* helpful comments from you guys I've been able to better 
focus the o5 site.  While, I think, it's still useful to note important news, 
what is really helpful is tracking the important conversations and 
discussions that are taking place within the subsets of our community so we 
can get the *whole picture* of what's going on.  I dubbed it as 'pre-news'.

I posted Larry's original post to FSB about business models on the site: 
While not 'news' it's definately interesting to read this type of thing, esp. 
if you're bunkered down (no pun intended) with your thoughts on your own 
special project/topic.  Someone who would never subscribe to FSB or 
License-discuss would probably like to see the odd piece that is generated in 
these sub-communities.  And vice-versa.

And that was the bulk of the comments:  News is done, but pointing out good 
o.s. conversations and interesting subject matter is not.  

Perhaps this will help us make more "good news" on the other sites.
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