Motosoto PL remarks

Abe Kornelis abe at
Wed Oct 3 04:43:21 UTC 2001

Hello all,

I've been reading the Motosoto Open Source License.

The following details struck me:

1) the derivation from JOSL is apparent, but
   somehow Motosoto managed to garble the 
   paragraph numbers. Not a real disaster,
   just inconvenient.

2) In the paragraph numbered 5, Motosoto chooses
   dutch law as the applicable law, but they retain
   the statement about jury trial. Now, I'm not
   a lawyer, but I do happen to be dutch and to
   *my* (admittedly limited) knowledge, juries
   do not exist under dutch law...

   What happens if you waive your rights to
   non-exisiting entity? Are they voided?
   Do their rights become unenforcible?
   I have a hunch they are shooting themselves
   in the foot (feet?) by applying the 
   quick-and-dirty method to their changed
   version of the Jabber Public License.

Regards, Abe.
Abe F. Kornelis, B.V. Bixoft
Het Jaagpad 63, 3461 HA Linschoten
The Netherlands
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