Dual license?

Kenneth Geisshirt kenneth at geisshirt.dk
Tue Oct 2 12:12:00 UTC 2001


I'm not sure whether this is an appropriate question for this list, so
please accept my apology in advance.

The situation is the following: I work for a small internet company, which
is going to do some software development as a government contract. We
would like to release the software under the following dual license:

1. If you are an educational institution, you are granted to modify the
   source code and distribute them to other educational institution (circa
   like a BSD license).
2. If you are not an educational institution any derived work not be
   public available.

The second point is to ensure than no competetor can go private with our
software (if we put 2-4 man years into the product we wish to get the
investment back - as a service provider).

Is the license scheme above Open Source? 


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