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Rick Moen rick at
Mon Oct 1 21:07:51 UTC 2001

begin Russell Nelson quotation:
> RMS is up-front about his objection to the APSL.  It is not for any
> restrictions on the distribution of the software, but instead for the
> requirement to publish the source code to deployed modifications.  

I hadn't previously looked up Stallman's views on APSL v. 1.2.  
(I just did so.)

> Note that the APSL is not talking about private modifications, but
> instead modifications which have been distributed within an
> enterprise.

Honestly, I would have thought that those _would_ be a canonical example
of private modifications, since that enterprise would (ordinarily) be a
legal person:  E.g., the "forcing provisions" of such OSD-approved
licences as the MPL and GPL, relying on that division, don't trigger on
"distributions" that are entirely internal to a company.

> This is not a free software issue.  It is a privacy issue.  It's even
> easily worked around.  If you want to keep secret the fact that you
> are using a modified version of a piece of APSL software, you pay
> somebody else to modify it, publish their use of it, and publish the
> code itself.  The secret-keeper can then use the published modified
> code with no requirement to publish their use of it, because *they*
> have not modified it.

That's indeed a clever, and probably effective, fix.

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