Common Public License

phil hunt philh at
Tue May 29 00:03:57 UTC 2001

On Wednesday 23 May 2001  8:40 pm, Ravicher, Daniel B. wrote:
> Michael,
> The clause only says which law applies, it doesn't limit where cases can be
> held.  It is not uncommon for courts in , say California, to decide a case
> under New York law.  Lastly, the enforceability of such governing law
> provisions depends upon the Choice of Law rules of the particular
> jurisdiction where litigation is filed.  Also, the enforceability of the
> other provisions within the CPL depends upon contract law, which differs
> significantly from state to state.  Therefore, there may have been specific
> reasons why New York law was chosen over other states.

What if a case is held outside the USA, for example in England?

Is an English court likely to use US law? Surely it would prefer to use 
English law?

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