IBM Public License and Debian Linux..... Not compatible?

David Johnson david at
Thu May 3 04:07:42 UTC 2001

On Wednesday 02 May 2001 20:03, Carter Bullard wrote:

> Sorry for the delay in processing this package, I've been pondering
> the license for some time now.  In any event, I'm afraid I don't
> believe the license satisfies the DFSG.  I posted to debian-legal[1]
> with this view but there wasn't any replies, either positive or
> negative.

It appears to follow the DFSG. However, I see a real concern that Debian may 
have. And that is the Commerical Distribution clause.

Basically, it implies that Debian and/or many of its users may be obligated 
to defend QoSient in a court of law under certain circumstances. I think this 
objection can be overcome, but it's still something that Debian needs to 
think long and hard on.

David Johnson

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