Subscription/Service Fees - OSD Intent

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Fri Mar 30 21:23:26 UTC 2001

When you get it, pls. post the information to the list, if you can do so
legally and without ruffling too many feathers.  Should make for some
interesting reading. <g>

Take care,

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I'm collecting information on gpl disputes that have been settled amicably
(or at least settled out of court).  "Plenty of companies" is a bit vague.
Pointers anyone?

Laura Majerus

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> >In the case of Open Source licenses, however, this stuff is
> too new for
> >there to be any value in simply sticking with bad language.
> I did a search
> >of Lexis recently and could not find a single case
> interpreting the GNU GPL
> >or the Mozilla GL.
> There is none for the GNU GPL.  The resulting uncertainty
> is often branded as a weakness.  But IMHO it should be
> viewed as a strength.  Plenty of companies who were not
> particularly friendly to the GPL have been challenged for
> GPL violations.  *NOT ONE* (after full review by their
> lawyers) thought that their odds of winning a case against
> it was good enough to take it to court.
> In my books that is pretty reassuring. :-)
> Cheers,
> Ben
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