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Wed Mar 28 13:57:27 UTC 2001

David Davies <ddavies at> wrote, in part:

> On Wednesday, 28 March 2001 8:57 AM, Seth David Schoen wrote:
> -> Some people think that copyright law doesn't actually allow you to
> -> prevent people who have a legal copy of the software from using it in
> -> any way they like.
> In other words does transferring the software to another person also
> transfer the person the right to use that software ?

Depends.  If your right to use that software came about from
copyright law, then it may also be that the other person will
also get the right to use.  

Generally the right to use is conditional, depending on how
a copy is acquired, for example.

I have a question for those on the list who have studied
law.  I have not.

All bodies of law seem to be based on "That which is not
forbidden is permitted."  In other words, laws are written
to restrict freedoms, rather than grant them.

Is this true of copyright law also?  Everywhere?

Is there an existing body of law that starts with "Every
action is forbidden unless permitted." ?

Just curious.

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