Apache vs. BSD licenses

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on Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 02:23:32AM +0000, David Johnson (david at usermode.org) wrote:
> On Wednesday March 21 2001 09:06 am, kmself at ix.netcom.com wrote:
> > I'll reiterate:  what Copyleft objectives do you have which are not met
> > or satisfied with the current GPL v.2?
> Well, since I don't use copyleft for my own works, this is kind of hard to 
> answer :-) I prefer the LGPL over the GPL simply because I won't get into 
> trouble if I dynamically link to it. As a user (one who does not modify the 
> source code), the linkage problems with most copyleft licenses are 
> problematic.
> > Under this scheme, core, immutable, licensing language is defined.
> > Items of variance, which I envision as largely pertaining to identity,
> > authoring/versioning authority, and jurisdiction or venue, would be
> > identified.  Parties wishing to adapt and adopt the license could do so.
> > Variants meeting guidelines would be considered equivalent. 
> If you could keep compatibility between the variants, it would be a very good 
> idea. But incompatibilities between variants would be a nightmare, much worse 
> than the current version since it would be all to easy to get the variants 
> confused.

Consider that a strong disincentive among the participants to create
incompatibilities, and an incentive among the cooperating parties to
disassociate themselves from defecting parties.

The scheme as presented doesn't call for any voting or unanimity --
typical failure points of collaborative organizations.  The standard is
as the standard does.

> It's a good idea.

Thanks.  I'm happy now to know that at least one other person's read it....

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