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David Johnson david at
Tue Mar 20 23:00:08 UTC 2001

On Wednesday March 21 2001 05:46 am, Ken Arromdee wrote:

> The Open Gaming license is closer to extortion.  The key is that game rules
> are not copyrightable, and normally you'd have complete rights to create
> D20-compatible material.  However, TSR threatens to sue people who do that.
> Since nobody can afford the cost of a lawsuit from TSR, TSR can prevent
> perfectly legal activity this way.

Don't I know it! I was once threatened with a lawsuit for creating a 
character generator for [unnamed company] ("We're planning to write our 

I think the Open Gaming Foundation (aka TSR, aka WoTC) is quite hypocritical 
in demanding that all free games be copyleft. Yeah right! Maybe I'd pay more 
attention if it wasn't so gosh darned illegal to photocopy D&D and give out 
copies to my players.

Oh, and since the possibility exists that some former [unnamed company] 
employees may be contributing to my project, the tables may yet turn.

David Johnson

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