licenses for RPGs

David Johnson david at
Tue Mar 20 19:53:10 UTC 2001

On Tuesday March 20 2001 01:39 pm, phil hunt wrote:

> > Second, they are copyleft, and I am not desiring a copyleft license for
> > this project. Unfortunately, the Open Gaming License will only approve
> > copylefted licenses and games. In other words, I can release a public
> > domain game and they would refuse to call it free and open.
> That seems bizarre to me.

To me as well. It would be like the FSF saying that the MIT and BSD licenses 
are not Free. The Open Gaming Foundation can do whatever they want with their 
own stuff, but defining an upper limit on openness is ludicrous. It might be 
too open for their tastes, but it's still open.

David Johnson

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