Marking books that relate to OSI Certifed software.

James Macgill j.macgill at
Tue Mar 20 14:07:11 UTC 2001

I am in the early stages of planning a book which will act as a tutorial 
and introduction to using an open source project which I head.

The aim is to keep the price of the book down as far as possible so no CD 
will actually accompany the book, instead readers will be directed to the 
projects web page to download the latest version.

The publisher is keen to stress the open source nature of the project, 
though the book itself will not be open source.

Is it acceptable to place an OSI mark on the book cover provided it is made 
clear that it relates to the project which the book covers and not the book 


James Macgill
Center for Computational Geography
Spell Checker (c) Creative Spelling inc (aka my dyslexic brain) an open source client side java mapping toolkit.

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