licenses for RPGs

David Johnson david at
Mon Mar 19 17:25:52 UTC 2001

On Monday March 19 2001 06:55 pm, David Croft wrote:

> >> I am now creating a roleplaying game with some other
> >> people that needs a free
> >> and open license. It may be some months before it is
> >> released.
> If you have not done so already, check out:

The only licenses halfway-acceptable for me are the OOGl and OGL. I have two 
issues with them. First, they are lengthy and potentially confusing (to the 
user) licenses. 

Second, they are copyleft, and I am not desiring a copyleft license for this 
project. Unfortunately, the Open Gaming License will only approve copylefted 
licenses and games. In other words, I can release a public domain game and 
they would refuse to call it free and open.  If I wanted a copyleft license I 
would use the FDL, since it is the most sensible.

David Johnson

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