List newbie: Archive?

Bjorn Andersson bjorn at
Mon Mar 12 09:50:13 UTC 2001

On Sat, Mar 10 2001, at 23:44:02 +0000, Dave Gilbert wrote:
>   Is there an archive of this list?
> (I'd rather grovel through an archive first than launch into questions
> about GPL and shared libraries which have probably been discussed to death
> already).

Hi Dave,
if you checked the archive first, you would have found the answer to
you question! ;)

Seriously, there is an archive at
It only contains messages from the beginning of this year. (A friendly
person posted me earilier messages, but I have not yet had the time to
incorporate them into my archive.) I think somebody recently posted a
pointer to a more complete archive. That mail should be in my archive.

Best regards,

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