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David Johnson david at
Fri Mar 2 18:27:32 UTC 2001

On Friday March 02 2001 08:40 pm, Toon Knapen wrote:

> I'm sorry if my question were off topic.
> I only asked these question as to get some
> more information such that I'm able to
> choose a license (and legal stuff)
> that best fits my open-source developments.

This is indeed the appropriate list to discuss copyrights, licenses, and all 
that rot, so long as it pertains to Open Source. I don't know exactly who pat 
perf is, but I can assure you that he or she is not the list adminstrator.

I can only assume that this pat person is receiving the mailing list 
unwillingly. Such things happen sometimes.

Please keep asking your questions here. They are welcome.

David Johnson

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