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If you are interested in a comprehensive discussion of U.S. copyright law,
licensing in general, and free/ open-source software licensing specifically,
you can check out an article I recently published on these subjects at:

Please feel free to comment or criticize.  I'll start by saying that you
shouldn't expect any concrete answers with respect to free/ open-source
software licensing in the United States because no court has ruled on all of
the issues involved.  


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I'm new to this ml, so maybe the question
is alreay answered (but I found no archive)

So, can someone point me to a website or explain
the relation between a sofware license and 
a copyright.
As I understand it, the copyright holder can
define the a license on his work which stipulates
what you can do with his work without breaking
the copyright.

Next I also wanted to ask if a copyright is
transferable. For instance : is it best that
all developers in an open-source project transfer
their copyright to the project manager ?

Finally I also wanted to ask why a copyright
notice always includes dates (years). Do these
indicate the year the 'work' was released to
the public ?



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