Common public license?

Tina Gasperson tinahdee at
Thu Jul 19 13:14:30 UTC 2001

I am in communication with IBM to find out more information about the Common 
Public License version 0.5. I know that the IBM Public License is approved by 
OSI as an Open Source license. Is the Common Public License that IBM is using 
for at least one of its OSS projects, under consideration as an Open Source 
approved license as well? Here are a couple of relevant links: - text 
of the Common Public License - text of the IBM Public License

Through a check of the archives of this list, I learned that the CPL is 
simply the IPL with all references to IBM removed. I also noticed 
that IBM infers the CPL is approved by the OSI as well 
( - see top 
two lines of text), However, I didn't see it on the list at Is 
the website simply in need of updating?

Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated - mainly, why do you 
think IBM would use the CPL instead of the IPL for one of its own projects?

Please note that this is research for a story about SBLIM, a new open source 
project just released by IBM, that falls under the CPL. I am seeking quotes 
for publication.

Tina Gasperson

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