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John Cowan cowan at
Fri Jul 13 12:41:45 UTC 2001

JEETUN6 at scripsit:

> As a intellectual property researcher based in London it has been suggested 
> that I might find this discussion group of interest. I confess though to be 
> something of a luddite so I may need certain terms to be clairified.

You're only a Luddite if you want to actually *smash* computers,
not if you just don't know about them; that makes you just a troglodyte.

Anyhow, welcome.  You may get people posting to you things you already
know, as most of us tend to come from the computer side and think it's the
IP issues that need explaining.  But we adapt.

> Can I join?

You have.

John Cowan, "ex" troglodyte (as opposed to ex-troglodyte) (inside joke)

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