GPL + Commercial Exceptions

Paul Cody Johnston pcj at
Fri Jul 6 05:45:40 UTC 2001

> If it is a library, or code that is in normally modified or distributed by 
> the end user, then the I would suggest offering it under two separate 
> licenses. The GPL is sufficient for users creating other GPLd works from 
> yours. For closed source developers, offer a standard commercial license for 
> a fee (there's no point without a fee) that allows proprietary modifications. 
> A good example of someone doing this is Trolltech with their Qt library. It's 
> Open Source if you use it to create other Open Source software, but to create 
> closed source software you need to purchase the commercial license.

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I should have mentioned that it's a
library; something that would be used as a tool internal to a
closed-source application.

Any suggestions on how to price such a thing?  This is small potatoes,
anyway it boils down it will end up pocket change, but...

1) flat fee for the the whole thing

2) fee per developer on their end

3) fee per copy of whatever they're selling



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