[OT] QPL-ed library linking with a GPL-ed library.

Per Abrahamsen abraham at dina.kvl.dk
Thu Jul 5 11:17:33 UTC 2001

Carlo Wood <carlo at alinoe.com> writes:

> Another issue is libbfd :/.  This seems to be GPL (not LGPL).  While
> my understanding of the GLP is that I could USE the library without
> getting "a work based on the Work" and thus without being forced to
> use the GPL for anything that links with libbfd, others seem to think
> so -- and the existance of LGPL seems to indicate that too.

You can use it privately, but not legally distribute the combined
work.  With the FSF interpretation, you can not even distribute your
own code, if it is designed to be linked with libbfd either.

> Hence, I am having a HUGE problem: I can't use libbfd.
> The only solution seems to be to either release libbfd under LGPL or
> to write my own program counter --> source file / line number
> conversion routines. 

There are two more options:

1. You can ask the (FSF) for a special exception.  They are in general
willing to grant those to free software projects, and the QPL is a
free software license according to the FSF.

2. You (or the legal owner) can relicence your own code under a
QPL/GPL dual licence.  This is what Troll Tech did with Qt and my
prefred solution to people who are not fanatically anti-GPL.  Just
copy the TT text.

> Can someone tell me where I can get advise about this problem?

rms at gnu.org.

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