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Mon Jan 29 21:51:41 UTC 2001

Dave  J Woolley <david.woolley at> wrote:
> > From:	Alexander Eichler [SMTP:alexander.eichler at]
> >
> > in US, it needs copyright law to act like it does. Conclusion is, that 
> > is only a possibility to give the right to use to somebody else. 
> > beneath this still exists. So GPL is a license agreement. As any other
>	[DJW:]
>	GPL is founded on copyright.  In fact, I've heard that
>	the FSF will insist that copyright ownership is made
>	very clear before accepting something under the Gnu
>	banner.

If you are not the copyright owner you have no possibility
of assigning any copyright statement to software, nor do
you have the right to grant the various permissions that
the GPL is meant to guarantee.

This does not prevent the GPL from simultaneously being a
contract between the copyright holder and the would-be
modifier or distributer.


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