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> > Agreed.  Their can be no bargain based on fraud.  However, if I do
> tell you
> > there's no warranty, I won't hear you complain later.  It's the
> decision of
> > the consumer to purchase a warranty or not.  [Have you ever tried
> getting
> > out of Circuit City after buying a new electronic without them
> to
> > push on you some "extended warranty plan"?]
> Note "EXTENDED warranty plan", we have these in the UK, as the
> warranty is AT TIME OF PURCHASE + reasonable expectations, so a
> toothbrush falling apart after a week is included, a stereo dying
> time of no mechanical stress within a month or so (usually they say 90
> days) is covered, three years is not, so they sell these extended
> warranties, which are more or less actually an insurance policy.
> SamBC

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