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Angelo Schneider angelo.schneider at oomentor.de
Mon Jan 29 11:00:16 UTC 2001

David Johnson wrote:
> On Sunday 28 January 2001 01:44 am, Ravicher, Daniel B. wrote:
> > Second point, software companies should be able to sell whatever they want
> > for what ever price they want and with or without any warranties they want.
> I completely agree. In fact, my political views are on the extreme side of
> Laissez Faire :-) But not disclosing a disclaimer of warranty at time of sale
> is tantamount to fraud. You can sell as many copies of warranty-less BS
> Office as you want, and you'll have no problem with me. So long as the
> customer is made aware of that warranty-less state at the time of sale.

I completly dissagree: what about a medical? He may use any cure?
Regardless if it is applicable under the circumstances of his patient?

This sounds silly to me, especialy if you try to hold the rights of the
seller higher than the rights of that one who feels the need to buy from

I belive that the customers rights are higher to value. And as a
customer never can be able to know everything about everythign which
ever might be necessary to buy once, the seller has to provide the full
warranty. As he is the only one who has the insight to evaluate his
development process and to tests/examine the final products.

This is a matter of humanity that a seller only delievers what does not
hurt the reciever.


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