IPL as a burden

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Jan 20 06:05:24 UTC 2001

Ian Lance Taylor writes:
 > I'm sorry, I was thinking that you were talking about using an open
 > source license, and then claiming license fees on top of that.  Now I
 > understand that you were just continuing your claim that requiring
 > license fees was compatible with open source.  That's interesting; I
 > don't see a clear statement in the OSD that recipients of a program be
 > permitted to run it.

None is needed.  If you have legally received a copy of a program (and
OSD #1 guarantees the right of the person giving you a copy to do so),
you are free to use it or not, as you wish.  Copyright law only
restricts copying.  You could only restrict the activities of a
*recipient* if you could require them to execute a license, but OSD #7
prohibits that.

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